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What is WeedArea? 

Weedarea.com is a safe platform where you can communicate with medical marijuana users and providers online. This is a group where you can get informative and helpful answers about marijuana dispensaries, stores, and doctors nearest you. You can share reviews with other users regarding local marijuana stores, delivery services, etc.

How can you include a club or clinic? 

First, you have to register for a free account on weedarea.com. Then, log into your new account. Find the ADD LISTING button, include your club or clinic name and fill out other required details.

Who is allowed in WeedArea?

Due to the sensitive contents on our website, we only allow individuals 18 years old and above to register. It should be clear that visiting weedarea.com is not suitable for children.

Are multiple accounts accepted here?

No. We value integrity and posting reviews from different accounts but with same owners undermines that. Rest assured that multiple accounts will be deactivated once found out.

What is the delivery policy?

We have an efficient system in place for our paid delivery listings, better than traditional store listings. You also have the option to avail of our free delivery listings.

WeedArea Review Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do post relevant content.

Post reviews of your personal experience availing the products and services of local providers of medical marijuana. Avoid unrelated matters such as politics, religion, and opinions outside of your experience.

  • Do share honest first-hand feedback.

Tell us what you know based on your own experience. Posting a review based on a friend or acquaintance’s feedback about a club, clinic or doctor is not allowed. You establish the credibility of your review by being your own spokesperson.

  • Don’t share hateful reviews.

We all have a sense of humor but it varies from one person to another so stay away from below-the-belt attacks that don’t serve any good to you or others in the WeedArea group.

  • Don’t be a copycat.

We don’t need to be copied and pasted content from other sources. Tell us your own experience about a medical marijuana provider that you like or don’t like.

  • Don’t patronize your own.

For advertisers, it’s good to believe in your offering but you don’t need to post rave reviews about your own product on WeedArea. It’s unethical for doctors and it’s a sign of bad taste for businesses.

  • Don’t attack your competitors.

Refrain from posting negative reviews about other stores or clinics if you own a store or clinic yourself. Tend to your own garden and stop the hate.

How can you write reviews that resonate?

There’s a sense of community within WeedArea so posting informative and relevant reviews with a sense of humor is helpful to your fellow medical marijuana users. The process becomes inclusive and not isolating, so write reviews that detail your own experience with local cannabis storefronts, doctors, and dispensaries. Personal anecdotes with a few tips and suggestions can benefit other users. You can update your reviews with new experiences about these providers. Share something interesting about the deals, services or delivery to help out the WeedArea community.

How does WeedArea deal with bogus accounts?

Upon the report of a bogus account, we will suspend the reviews from such account while verifying the user’s true identity. This review will be removed from the website 30 days from the date of the report if proven fraudulent. We appreciate you giving us a head’s up on a particular bogus account but we will only sanction any penalty after verifying the violation through our internal investigation.


Our WeedArea Review Policy Reminder

As a member of weedarea.com, you can post reviews on the website which will be useful to other users for reference. They are also helpful for clinics, storefronts, and advertisers so they have access to relevant feedback in order to improve their services. Having said that, all reviews should comply with the WeedArea Review Policy otherwise it will be removed or edited. Please follow our terms and conditions and notify us of any violation you encounter.

For advertisers, keep in mind that posting reviews about your own listings are not allowed. Our Review Policy states that such actions can lead to suspension or deactivation of your account by the WeedArea management. Expect the same result if you are caught posting reviews for other advertisers’ listings. Advertisers agree that a paid listing does not entitle them to have reviews removed from the site. In addition, it is understood and agreed upon by advertisers that they will not be provided refunds in the event of suspension or exclusion.

What if you see details of an illegal activity in a review?

We cannot avoid a few reviews that mention illegal activities either by businesses or users. Please report these reviews to our moderators for further action. WeedArea is a group exclusive for medical marijuana stakeholders only. We do not condone illegal activities. Instead, we promote full compliance of clinics and doctors to state laws.

Why does WeedArea remove reviews from a listing?

At WeedArea, we give our members freedom to post reviews that matter to the community. If they don’t serve a purpose or have a negative nature, they are removed. We delete reviews if they contain destructive rants, attack other reviewers or drop the specific name of an advertiser. We prefer to keep things civil and respectful.

Does WeedArea take down bad reviews for paying advertisers?

No, we don’t. We have an impartial approach to all reviews from advertisers and non-advertisers alike. Both positive and negative feedback are part of the business and the latter, if reasonable, can help you improve your services.

How does WeedArea rank advertisers?

We base the ranking of advertisers to certain criteria such as review contents, popularity, and a number of reviews, among others. At WeedArea, we are committed to refining our rankings through consistent evaluation so we can provide listings that will benefit you.

Can you receive messages from advertisers after your review?  

Yes, it’s possible that some advertisers will contact you regarding their business. WeedArea is a group that aims to enhance the connection of medical marijuana providers and users to benefit everyone involved. These providers can send you a private message on our website. If you choose to opt out of this connection, just disable this feature from your account.

How will you get updates from weedarea.com?

When you register to our website, you will automatically be included in our e-mailing list. We will send you updates via e-mail. If you no longer wish to receive these updates from us, just click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of our e-mail.

WeedArea Disclosure

WeedArea is primarily a resource of relevant listings on medical marijuana dispensaries, stores, doctors and services for members and users. Registered members, partners, and stakeholders who share third-party details are responsible for their information. They are not verified or certified as true and correct by WeedArea. Further, weedarea.com does not advertise or promote any clinic, doctor, business or services. It does not control or regulate information provided by members or third-party entities. The accuracy of such data is not guaranteed.

Do you have more questions?  

Please reach out to us at info@weedarea.com so our representatives can help you right away.

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